1. Minimum 75 percent attendance is compulsory for appearing in any examination.
2. Any student failing to attend school should submit a leave application from parent or guardian to the class teacher on the day he returns.
3. No pupil is allowed to be absent from school without prior permission.
4. Half day leave will not be permitted.
5. If the student remains absent without information, the fine will be imposed on him/her.


Books Will be issued for maximum 7 days.
Once the book issued from library, will not be issued to the same student unless it is not reuired by other's.
Fine will be charged Per day after issued period i.e 7 day's.
Student's should not mark/write anything on the books.
If books are misplaced or distroyed ,by then the original cost of books.will be charged or same to be submitted.


(1) Students are the pride of this school and the future of the nation . Therefore they are advised to refrain from indecent activities.
(2) Students must respect teachers and elders and show affection for their fellows and juniors.
(3) Every student has to follow the school norms to maintain the school discipline. Good behaviour, obedience and regularity must be maintained in all the circumstances.
(4) Any kind of indiscipline, irregularity or misbehaviour will be dealt with deftly and may even result in expulsion from the school.
(5) Students are the members of school family. Therefore it is their foremost duty to help in maintaining the cleanliness of school premises. If the school property is damaged by any student, the strict action will be taken against him/her.
(6) The students has to appear in all insitutional examinations. Use of unfair means is strictly prohibited.
(7) The students can approach to the Principal for resolving their problems through their class teachers. The interference of any outsider in the school management will not be tolerated.
(8) Loitering outside the class rooms, standing in the verandas and entering into other classes will be treated as indiscipline and may lead to detention.
(9) The student must follow the instructions of class monitors in the absence of the teacher.
(10) Students should participate in all co-curricular activities i.e. sports, cultural, literary activities, science exhibitions and social services etc.
(11) If a student remains absent for more than three days without information, then his/her name will be struck off from the class register.
(12) Mobiles are not allowed in school campus.


(1) Parents/Guardians have to be careful that their wards do come to the school in proper uniform.
(2) The student is expected to posses at least two pairs of school uniform.
(3) Parents/Guardians are requested to arrange all the required text books and notebooks for their wards.
(4) Please deposit the fees in time and take the receipt of the same. Failing to do so, you will have to pay a fine of Rs.25/-. If the student doesn't pay the fee within 7 days after the prescribed date, his/her name will be struck off. If the student, at his guardian's request is readmitted he/she will have to pay Rs.125/- as re-admission fee.
(5) Kindly, be careful about the result of the term exams and attend the parents teachers meeting regularly.
(6) If the student remains absent from the class, parents should send an application to the class teacher.
(7) If you get any sort of instruction, suggestion, information from the school, please do follow it.
(8) Your suggestions will always be welcomed concerning the progress of your ward and the school.
(9) Parents are advised not to disturb their wards during the teaching hours.


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