Important instructions about payment of School Fees

1. It is compulsory to deposit the full admission fee at the time of admission.
2. The regular students of class X who want to seek admission in XI standard will have to pay Rs. 110/- (hundred & ten rupees) along with other fees.
3. If fees is not paid in full as per last date given, the student will be fined Rs. 25/- (twenty five rupees) for one week. After that their name will be struck off from the attendance register. If they are readmitted they will have to pay Rs.125/- (hundred and twenty five) as readmission fee.
4. At the time of re-admission, the Principal will take the final decision on the basis of the Discipline committee's report and attendance of the student.
5. Tuition and computer fees will be taken in three instalments.
6. As per The Board of Secondary Education, M.P., letter no./Q/ Valuation, Academic/91-92, BHOPAL dated 22.6.91 following students can avail fee concession in an academic session :-

(a) Wards of class II, III, & IV employees of the Board will get remittance in school fees only and general fees compulsory on all students.
(b) Students belonging to S.C. and S. T. Classes will get full concession in tuition fees.
(c) Disabled students (having 40% or more disability) will get full fee-concession in tution fees.
(d) If more than one child of a single family is studying in the school then full tuition fee will be charged from only one child. Half of the tuition fee will be charged from the other children.
(e) Concession form should be submitted at the time of admission.


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