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Model Higher Secondary School, one of the most prestigious Secondary educational institutions of Madhya Pradesh was established by M.P. Government in the year 1960 at Tatya Tope Nagar, Bhopal. The institution was started as an educational laboratory for comprehensive development of the students of the capital city of Bhopal. The institution was transferred to the Board of Secondary Education, Madhya Pradesh, Bhopal in 1964. Since then it is being run under the guidance and supervision of the Board.
The objective of the institution is to provide the nation with able, disciplined spirited and responsible citizens. To fulfill this objective the institution not only aims at maintaining high standards in academics but also special attention is paid for betterment and all round development of the students through various co-curricular activities. The institution imparts education in Hindi and English medium. According to the National Education Policy 1986, different faculties - science, commerce and vocational studies have been made available. Highly qualified and experienced teachers educate and guide the students. This effort is further facilitated by the excellent infrastructure of the institution which includes various wings in the building. Well equipped science and computer labs are our pride. N.C.C. with all three wings of our defense services - Army, Navy and Air force instill discipline and the feeling of patriotism in our students. Different sports activities with various play grounds help in physical development of the students.
Model Higher Secondary School has been achieving new heights in the field of education for more than last four decades. Admissions are given strictly on merit basis. Many Modelites have excelled in the field of medical, engineering, management, politics, bureaucracy and sports in India as well as abroad.
The institution is committed to provide quality education. New changes have been introduced from session 2003-04 viz. computer education from middle onwards, medical check up, facility twice a year etc. Regular Yoga training is given by a trained instructor. Merit scholarships at all levels are awarded to encourage talented students. Conveyance facility has been made available for the students.


South T.T. Nagar, Bhopal - 462003, INDIA


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